About encounters

About encounters

I met a child on the ocean cliff

With eyes of sky

And when he asked me if I was happy

I saw me in the mirror of the time

When I thought that I had found

A soul.



Remember me

Remember me

I have never been closer to you than I was when my feet touched the white gold of the horizon line

I went and sat in the middle of the ocean that has always stood between us

I stripped myself of all I ever wanted, dreamt or wished for

I let go of all my words between the gentle sounds of the waves

I opened my eyes and there was nothing around me but the skies of paradise

As I have pictured them time and time again in your eyes

And all I could see as far as they stretched




About Longings

About Longings

The dust rose with colorful balloons

And sounds of the world around.

I wept in strange hands

As my fears gathered at the door.

An unheard voice wanted to take me away and I knew salvation was where I had stood,

A place long gone even from my words,

Fading yet holding me tight in its claws,

I found no other shelter under this sun

So I started trailing back into memory on a different path

Towards to white walls of my new horizon,

Silence healed for only a while when I looked for you in the lonely sky above

And traced the story of the day when I’ll see you again

For eternity.


About our Beyond

I found you again on the edge of sleep where not even dreams go,

You were walking on the beach carrying my gift in your ancient youthful hands,

My treasure was calling me and I ran to it because this time I knew what it was,

And happiness took the shape of you and this knowledge, forever,

I woke up smiling, remembering every step and I carefully carried the words all the way here,

Where I’m awaken with joy and, as it is,

Feel no greater love than



About Goodbyes


as I have stood between people when you left

under a single ray of sun and a single snowbell in front of your white house on the hill.

With you,

I knew I was on the side of good, of righteous

and all the other streets I wondered onto afterwards, afraid and out of place, with February thoughts,

I wanted to go home where I knew I’d never find you again.


to walk the deepest lines of histories,

on your day, with despair filling up the notes of the unsang songs,

I carried the burden of all the words I didn’t give you on the bed of flowers

That you had made, sewing the years that I’d been away from you.


I had felt it before, it covered the steps of people, their laughs, birds and bells and clocks pushing me onwards to the river,

It covered the joy of my new life that you could see from above,


the sheer silence that covered the world’s voice and eyes and hands,

I had felt it before, the mark of all the years that I’ll sew in a bed of flowers of you being away from me,

the quietest touch caressing old and new windows,

I will feel it again,

The weight,

The happiness,

The bond,

The call,

The eternal,





About the Answer

About the Answer

before there was light, there was Us, wanderers of sands and stories.

when you found me in the dark and tied my Hands to yours with your prayers,

life came rushing, screaming Desperately into my emptiness: here is the Proof!

the Sun rose over Olympus and all your gods Bowed to us, the ones who had Defeated faith

in an Immeasurable heaven made of Victories and stardust;

Past, lost on the streets of the World, crawled on my skin and said: Seal it!

with my Rebirth, I gave the rest of my Days on this earth away, so that, at the end, when I’ll return to the River of purple waves

the image of your Shoulders turning the Skies around in the Blue waters

would be the seed I’ll be allowed to release into the eternal Dark matter

and set it