It must have been Heaven and Hell’s fucking child, she, born and left in that city in which a stream of Latin blood was flowing upwards. She, with her crystal skin and half whispered singing words.She, always running away from herself, her life, from chances not taken, from thoughts spoken too late, running but never being able to fully let go of anything… She, the one who understood things too soon and lived too late, in a town in which everyone came and went, to the certain lights of their lives, while she was caught in between, crying and laughing on hallways, drinking wine and saying “let’s go” more than she said “I love you”. The Purgatory child with a half glass of wine in her hand, shivering under his kisses while breathing his Italian curly hair. She knew it will be the last time she will see him, but she couldn’t say anything. Loss had haunted her, there was always another answer to the questions she believed she had answered. And all the arms that couldn’t heal…

She needed a love to survive! She needed to believe she was lost so that she could let go of some of the pain. She needed to be sleepless, so she could create. She needed to be in pieces, until a place for her was being born, somewhere in the eternal. There was nothing common, only passion, the pretty damn poetic one, the one that prolonged each story like the unbearable sweet painful twitch that prolongs the orgasm.

There was panic and peace in her beautiful face, without a word for it, the perfect shape of fearless and careless on the edge of the abyss. Thrill and comfort on her lips, strength in her cracked smoking nails carrying longings and victories. She had lived the loves of Gods. Her sorrows were eternal always waiting for someone new. Her truth was the dreams she dreamed and her death was herself. She was like the sun, setting against her own will, burning in her own flames. Colors, streets, words, deaths, desires, were all in her. Too much past sickened her, still, she held on to everything. One could see the whole fucking history of the world through her soul.

I was afraid that the ordinary life would get her one day and steal her fire…then I would be at loss too…


Happy Birthday beautiful one, I remembered!



One thought on “About Danï

  1. oh Mada that was so nice, so sweet and poetic at the same time! You really reached the untouchable and gave an incredible insight on her deep intimacy…a very ambitious and well done gift for her because I know… how much difficult was always express in words her fuzzy and flowing world, but you did it.
    “…Through her soul the destiny of whole earth…” – amazing
    You both girls are special, Lov you

    Liked by 1 person

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