When the curtain lifted, nothing of my old self was left…

You knew better than to open your arms wide and say it is all for me.

You knew the only happiness I ever believed in was the one

That started within me and ended within me.

There was a time when I was afraid to want to live if I didn’t know what for and how

And all the love that was around me was not enough because

It did not sprang from the passion of my mind.

I had to find my own peace and give you value for value.

You know the Greek gods won’t accept anything else,

And we want to live up there with them

Not amongst the common men who trade pity, acceptance, blindness

For value.

I looked at us and I knew we gave truth for truth.

I did not want our love growing from a prescription.

So you let your arms down and offered me time.

I took it, until the day a stranger touched my hair the way you do,

Lightly, protective, the serene heart way…

And I dropped in silence and realized how much I love you

For being you

For being me

For letting me grow my happiness from me and within me

While you watched over my life with your self-made happiness.

We are Vulcan’s children and we know the beginning of truths,

We know how to create our own worlds.




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