We didn’t have loves and moments.
We had obsessions.
And sand between the pages of our books.
We were the lovers of the suns and moons.
We were thirsty for knowledge,
Laying down naked on the rusty white hidden beaches
Listening to the dry sounds of our tongues.
We were the dolphin gods swimming in the waters of the volcano.
Thanking history for our minds which
Gave us the courage to be proud and greater than any religion.
When we walked the empty streets of Fira, the black cats would watch us in the sun.
The heartbeat of the world was there, on the smell of your skin, lingering on the wet pavements.
When we laid in our bed, in the stone house under the mountains,
You drank my skin and it made you young again,
And, as in any trade between free people,
I got a piece of eternity in your mind instead.
Which was… Is…
The only thing worth living for on this Earth.



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