There’s us, talking about the beautiful undivided city of the Wall,

The sparkling old and new love of my life city. Just like you, Olivier.

We look at the calendar. We know nothing has changed, we’re only a bit older.

So we put our Bans on and we keep on walking in the new summer streets.

The lovers of the streets. Us.

A little hotel with curly pillars. We are better friends, we know how to make our kind of love.

We’re longing for planning, for books, for silence together, for late nights without the curtains on the windows. We make the time stop and in that instant we see the past and the future in the only thing that has ever mattered in the world, the moment.

The moment.

It’s the time that changes, the places and the memories since we have last remembered them, but not our skin and our touch, the feeling of my skin meeting your skin. The only truth is in perception, that second of being so aware of you. It is the longings of times, it is what my dreams are made of, taste and smell.

My nails are red. You say it looks sinful and we laugh. It is like that, full of sin and full of beauty. This is our Berlin laugh. Plain and beautiful as the Greek one, as the Mexican one…

This time I take you to my favorite streets, to mingle with the people of the worlds and have coffee.

We know it is not a dream but it always feels like that, flying and floating, the beauty of life and love is always in our hands, and we have the courage to live it,

Every August.





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