The pillars were white and tall in the branches of the old trees.
We were breathing hot air, undressing the girl with the tight dress the color of wine,
And for a still second a splintered thought came to my mind
From days of heavy madness and death pain, cursing that path, I knew, in each of those seconds,
That this is what life was always meant to feel.
Pure joy, shaking with uncontrollable self-made reality
Naked, skin to skin, smoke floating in the hot Greek air of the balcony,
Watching over the market and people, with the metal end, cold, glued to my hot lips and spine,
An endless deja-vu of ancient joyful times in which people did not know misery, or lies, or norms.
We were breathing hot air while the sky turned orange above the rooftops,
The black cats were all asleep and, while you were watching them, I was watching you.
There was no second of mistake or doubt in your smile
As there were no common words said to just fill up our sheets.
Everything was meaningful.
We would whisper as to not disturb time, a breathless calm in our endless storm.
Everything was silence filling the spaces between us
There was nothing above our minds and everything we created,
Not even the gods.
You were growing younger as I was putting my red lipstick on, I walked away first because I did not want to watch you leave
I did not understand endings but life still couldn’t be anything else but the joy I demanded. And had.
My God did not need to promise me anything,
He would never forgive me not living all my truth.
It was lust.



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