“The sea strikes the pier onto which, that night, we did not have the courage to go all the way.

The wet, slippery, broken stone, one step from where we were…

If we were careless,

We could have fallen into the boiling water underneath.

But we were careful. As always.

So careful, that one day we will restrain ourselves from walking on the pier.

We will merely remember it,

then we will remember it less and in the end, we will forget that

One night we were determined to go all the way.

Now, if I go on the pier, I can only do it alone.

If I slip or march bravely, it’s all the same.

And I would like to forget what day it is, what year and place,

As I’m listening to the vast sea hitting the pier, wondering who and how old I am and what I’m doing here.

And why have I stopped in front of this pier, Iike I’ve seen it before?”



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