About Longings

Thirsty, I drink your fragrance, and touch your cheeks with

Both hands, the same way you cradle a miracle in your soul.

Our closeness burns as we stand eye to eye

Yet you whisper  “I miss you so …”

Deeply, secretly, eagerly

Like I’m wandering exiled in another world.



About the Future

The greatest guilt today is that of people who accept collectivism by moral default; the people who seek protection from the necessity of taking a stand, by refusing to admit to themselves the nature of that which they are accepting; the people who support plans specifically designed to achieve serfdom, but hide behind the empty assertion that they are lovers of freedom, with no concrete meaning attached to the word; the people who believe that the content of ideas need not be examined, that principles need not be defined, and that facts can be eliminated by keeping one’s eyes shut. They expect, when they find themselves in a world of bloody ruins and concentration camps, to escape moral responsibility by wailing: “But I didn’t mean this!”

About Purpose

“Love is the ultimate form of recognition one grants to superlative values (…) It is intended for a certain kind of man. The kind who never asked you for faith, hope and charity, but offered you facts, proof and profit!” 

Ayn Rand