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” Lisa didn’t want to go to the gig that night, so I gave her ticket away. Five thousand people in a room and you can still feel alone. ” 


About a Sort of Fairy tale

About a Sort of Fairy tale

On the first morning of the newly born year, six hours later, in the longest of times

In the endless bed covered in linden flowers where you lay on the left side since you know I’m your right,

You became the last hero of the world. I knew you had come to tell me you were still looking for the answer.

I took you in my arms and I couldn’t see your eyes like in all the dreams before the one in which you found me lost in a labyrinth and said “Let’s go home!”

You were quiet and still but I could feel your heart on your glowing skin, racing with the despair they had found running through your blood.

That beautiful darkness of yours was drawing my lips to your temples to seal them with peace.

And you knew I had to get closer like that time in the blue waters.

I was scared we would both wake up but I couldn’t break the spell calling me to you, my lips had to touch you one last time just like when you rushed up the streets of the cold island to see me one last time.

The drawing forces of the Sun, us, the forever searching souls.

My closed eyes were moving on the contour of your silence, I was holding you tight and gentle like our night and when my lips finally touched you I felt the taste of your whole life in my half asleep half awake dream. Remember that feeling, the one we almost feared while walking on the glass dome close to the sunset?

When my lips touched you in all our realities everything outside our embrace became a dream, just like Heaven, an empty promise with swans swimming on its shores.

When my lips touched you I knew that life was what you touch and feel and sacred is only that which makes you want to live, not just survive. And that never leaves.

Dreams do.

We were dizzy with reality on the glass sky above the island…

When my lips touched you my body shook with a new pleasure, the one of the truth, because you see, when you came to me you were not the answers to my questions, but the meaning behind the questions, the meaning behind the roads that have led me into my life, to arrive there, in that moment, with you.

And that is the only reality I will ever want.

When my lips touched you I knew that I could die there and then because of too much joy and pleasure, then and there, with a smile on my lips, which is the only worthy way of dying.

When my lips touched you it was completeness, summers and loneliness, skies and fears, words and longings, on a canvas, under the tip of the black crayon. All the beauty of the worlds in one truth: no more running.

Now that we were both awake in a breathless silence, I had the courage to whisper in your ear the story of my first prayer.

As you were fading, I used my words to beg your God, the one you love and need so much, but didn’t trust…

I begged him to tell you that this was the time to fight!

I held you because I knew your fears, I told you to not betray your mind… We cannot not be who we are!

Happiness is the goal of life and you are right to want it! You have been looking for it for so long. It is happiness that goes against evil because it builds on goodness only… Don’t believe them when they say they didn’t know!

Dawn was taking you away and this time you held on tight to my wrists… I screamed… I wanted the pain and not the emptiness.

It was About Fear opening my eyes to your forever last words and you, lost somewhere far, numb, watching your sun setting into my morning.

Across the ocean lies the Woman In Gold, her eyes soul searching too. She calls my road to her before I turn to you.

You, all the shades of gold,

You, my love, my purpose and my words on each page.

You will know when that time will come.

You will know, just as you know now,

The answer has always been inside of you.