About the Forever Gone

About the Forever Gone

One winter night I dreamt that I got lost under my pen and the wrong train took me back to the haven of my past.

I got off and did not move, did not breathe, ghosts were touching the tips of my hair,

I waited, with my eyes closed, scared and numb, in the cold darkness, close to the tracks, for the first sound of the wheels, so that I can come back,

Desperately! Desperately back to what matters, back to the only thing that really exists.

This moment.

You felt my dream too because when I told you its story you were still waiting for your train, to bring you back to what matters, the only one that really exists,


And after all this time, on a summer night, when other arms took me up to the skies I love so much, watching over the Nordic shores,

I saw everything clearly, like the reflection of the waters where you had first kissed me.

I heard the words she had said to me her whole life, over and over again, putting her old hands on my trembling knees… “Wait… the time will come…”

From above, the city streets filled up with our blue waves and our short victories and I felt an almost deadly joy because I had lived you, I had loved you and then I knew.

You have taught me Patience.

And carved your love on my skin in a white house on an island, to wear it forever in the times to come.

Our time has been like A Few Seconds Before Sunrise,

“so sweet, so soft, so calm, all that’s you in a breath”

And that night I knew that you will be mine forever, a Sun God.

Behind your handprints on my neck are all the words you said to me from the tower of glass,

In the days and nights when I loved you the most.

I see the trees bending with the breeze and I hear their music calling for the autumn when all you’ll have to do is ask me if I still want you.

Desperately! Desperately!

You’re the only past I’d ever go back to!