About Taheeb

When the sweet smells of summer settle on my skin and birds linger in my hair,

You let go of my hand for a while from the other side of the universe.

We both know that my time for flying has come and so I


In search of another life which is passion and pleasure and all their roads together leading into this.


And the supreme of it all is you, smiling and glowing watching my hands play with the contours of blue waters and red sands,


I fly from peaks of histories to songs of wilderness, from ancient hidden carved gods into colors of madness on a leaf

Because I need to be, I need to live and be part of every part of this world, and you understand that,


standing at the corner of my childhood under the summer of my life,

shaping the color of my dreams with your embrace,

completing my words on the canvas of our bed, the only safe place where we


Through seasons and ages I found you and recognized you and felt an immortal joy rushing through my veins faster than my blood,

I never felt lighter seeing you float silently through the skies,

And in our eternal closeness you took my hand again and said:

“You can’t be under these stars and not kiss… You see how many stories I give you?”

I listen to you with the invisible most beautiful black heart of the world beating inside our one chest,

We are our own creation and the right hands of the right when people take their stand and the universe settles into the winter of our




About the Lovers of the Unknown

About the Lovers of the Unknown

The waters draw us together, like in our beginning, so the end takes us there again,

I have many stories to tell you now when we return to the Nordic shores for our goodbyes,

I have traveled the world into the cradle of life to gather them for you so that when you’ll cover me at your chest in that desperate embrace I’ll whisper them in your palms together with my longings.

A story about a great leader in the city of Karak to which’s bed the King itself bowed asking if there was anything to do for the people of his town. The dying voice replied “Out there we have men to do it!”

I wrote this and I pictured you smiling hearing me say over and over again that bravery is not a moment but a journey of knowing yourself and never betraying that.

A story about the red sand spread deep under the stars you can’t see anywhere else at night on the white edges of the universe where a voice said that time can be created and given.

I wrote this and I remembered how beautifully your face frowned when you felt that our time was not enough. I pictured you smiling hearing me say over and over again that it is ours to make now, under the same sky.

A story about a man who went against everyone and built Babel in the city of the seven hills, surrounded by lights and steel loves of mine arches.

I pictured you laughing when I wrote the story of building a tower to reach you in our beautiful Babylon because I want it also, against everyone, and this ego has created our reality.

A story about our far away Heaven we have both left for a while under which the night wrote, from left to right,

What’s your story? Where will you go from here? Will you live your passion?

I pictured you smiling when you said that I find us everywhere because I do, in all the colors and the horizons of the world ending with the same and only one,

My skin glowing with joy,

Of seeing you become you and me become more of what I know I am,

Lovers of the world, on the shores of the shrinking sea,

Two Suns setting, you and me.

I dreamt dreams of Gods and emperors while dreaming of us, walking back in time in the red-rose city that existed on the cliffs of the mountains,

I pictured you smiling because now you have a story for each summer day until you cover me at your chest again,

So many I have gathered for you, for us,

Love and kindness and thirst for what’s to come,

The floating peace and beauty of the unknown.