About a Morning

“I will remember the kissesour lips raw with love

and how you gave me

everything you had

and how I

offered you what was left of

me” …



About Completeness in a Shape

There is a picture in the back of my childhood memory of a warm place between two arms overthrowing the dark mountain.
It is safe, it becomes our throne as we both reign over the world of truth. We do not know of other worlds.

The river that slithers our closeness avoids the circle your fingers drew so that the bluest of blue waters can come to turn our longing into our life’s victory.

We sit in it, listening to the soft velvet waves of stories descending from the clouds of the horizons.

We speak our words, my words mostly, the ones I wrote in the early times of understanding when I was running away from the common hearts and tongues. They get under your skin you said, they turn you into nothingness.

You understand my madness between the skin of my thoughts, you love them and push my pen outside the contours of your love,

The black endless sky.

You say it is easy for me, I see the words in shapes and colors and linden flowers.

You break my storms in pieces with your calmness and touch,

I bow because I know you must go to the land of Gods where you belong, to find your soul

While I write mine,

And when our time will come again

We’ll find eachother with a smile, as we did, while the blue waters will retreat and the mountain will take us back to its kingdom

Because by then we will have become the king and queen of our lives.

About October’s End

The time of people has stopped while we have loves in the cities and the streets of the world.

You are waiting for my embrace to seal your peace because you know that I am your real freedom,

And as our stories lay on the edge of memory, you, my fantasy keeper of the blue waters

Await for me on a beach, pouring its shores on the hourglass of our beginnings

And rebirth the time of love and history again

For us.

We were made with fire and words and traveled the insides of this earth to find each other before the god of goneness placed its kiss on our skins one winter night.

Atlas will bring us back on the waves of goodness and shield us in its palms

To tell you that the pleasure in our love could make us eternal.

There is no more pain, no death, no touch that could lure us into Medusa’s world,

And the ocean is no longer frightening because we have never known distances when we stood in front of the mirrors of our own naked souls.

The universe is our cradle and autumn will rebuild our home in her daring words.

Come for me!