When I lay on the edge of the bed that brings us together in all my dreams, stories and pages,

That seem to have happened galaxies ago but they only came together in the year in which I began writing about the completeness of having met you, of having lived you,

Looking into the waterfall of the mirror ceiling of all our soul searching shores,

Having known you in what was already the beginning of my selfish happiness,

Adding to that by knowing that I could only love you in your completeness, in your selfish happiness,

Far or near,

It is your existence that gives me strength by having found you, by having loved you,

With the love that was the only truth and truth never needs fighting for, never needs to be defended,

Far or near,

Truth is standing tall all alone, just as purpose, just as completeness,

All ours, unwavering and unattached.

Solitude rises above all the waters of the world, no longer scared, but in peace,

The peace that I know you’ll find in your searching,

And I will be here, looking through our mirror, writing about the year that brought all our wandering roads into completeness,

So that we could find what only the Gods have known,

Purpose beyond love and love beyond distances.




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