I stepped out into the dark and cold to search for the endless winds of the Sun,

The only ones I believe could bring you back,

The ones I have been dreaming and following for so long into my long lonely journeys.

They came in waves as if they had been following me too and asked me to step into the sea of my own thoughts,

Without fear of the past,

Into the most beautiful ones I have kept with me ever since you have held me in your arms,

On the shore of their timeless waters which you have colored with your words.

All was light, it was spring and the streets were sparkling under the waves and under my feet,

I was running up towards you,

Towards the white house whose walls knew our history,

It was raining with white flowers from above,

I heard your voice from all the skyes into which you set sail long ago,

You had returned.

We were on a tall bridge above the waters making paper butterflies,

I wasn’t scared and the waves did not grow dark,

I heard your voice,

All was clear blue like the skyies of your eyes from which you send me a story from time to time,

A story in a few words that

Helps me see clearly, helps me smile, helps me believe and find my way back from my lonely journeys,

I dived deep and carelessly into the seas and skies and streets,

There was no rush, just like you said:

“There is still time… There is still time”

And I knew that as I swam and flew above the world,

Always looking back into your eyes,

The eyes of kindness that have pireced my skin and made me the Queen of Time and Fairytales.



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