In the beginning, when you crafted me on your wrist, I have walked on thin clear waters outside the blue layer that holds the globe of light,

Suspended into darkness,

Gentle as the silk that lets me sink into you and drown into you, into your mind, the breath of life I needed sleeplessly, desperately

In the seeking, torturing heavenly shadows your eyes carry on their lashes, stories that fall onto your naked skin for which I dive deep into the waters of the journey you had written for me,

The one that hypnotizes me into a delirium of the only golden infinite universe I remember each time you walk under our sun,

A bit longer than the first second, a bit shorter than the whispering frightening thought of us lost between people,

Where I linger on your lines of your shoulders stretching the wings of time into me, pleading to take me back into our solitude

Where I fall into joy, flowing above the spirals of stardust, the neverending ones you have sprinkled with your fingers when you built the world in the middle of the sea

Where I fall asleep on the music of the silver whales taking our story deep into the oceans of the galaxies not known to men,

It is all life, it is all creation, it is all but one word that births the others, When you bring me to life on a storm that the eye has never seen, outside the thin waters,

Where you heal me and seal me into the cosmos I always return to with the same joy I felt when I opened my wings

And was reborn into my seventh life of a scream of poetry on your red wrist,

The lines of the first spark of life

In one word.




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