About Summers

About Summers

We walked together you and me on the streets of where I first got lost 

And, after all this time in which the waters have parted into us, I saw you clearly, as in the dream of a dream of black and white horses running freely on the Nordic shores.

Winter had finally come, deserted and cold, but you smiled and broke the heaviness of my memories.

I looked around and saw the tiniest white bird between the icy snow, it was injured  when it found its way between my palms and you said you could heal it,

As you always say…

I let go of your hand because I could hear it sing, I could, 

And when I touched it with my cheek, it was my greatest of loves,

It was her, and, from the dream of a dream, you, had brought her to me.






About the Answer

About the Answer

before there was light, there was Us, wanderers of sands and stories.

when you found me in the dark and tied my Hands to yours with your prayers,

life came rushing, screaming Desperately into my emptiness: here is the Proof!

the Sun rose over Olympus and all your gods Bowed to us, the ones who had Defeated faith

in an Immeasurable heaven made of Victories and stardust;

Past, lost on the streets of the World, crawled on my skin and said: Seal it!

with my Rebirth, I gave the rest of my Days on this earth away, so that, at the end, when I’ll return to the River of purple waves

the image of your Shoulders turning the Skies around in the Blue waters

would be the seed I’ll be allowed to release into the eternal Dark matter

and set it









About My Creator

About My Creator

In the beginning, when you crafted me on your wrist, I have walked on thin clear waters outside the blue layer that holds the globe of light,

Suspended into darkness,

Gentle as the silk that lets me sink into you and drown into you, into your mind, the breath of life I needed sleeplessly, desperately

In the seeking, torturing heavenly shadows your eyes carry on their lashes, stories that fall onto your naked skin for which I dive deep into the waters of the journey you had written for me,

The one that hypnotizes me into a delirium of the only golden infinite universe I remember each time you walk under our sun,

A bit longer than the first second, a bit shorter than the whispering frightening thought of us lost between people,

Where I linger on your lines of your shoulders stretching the wings of time into me, pleading to take me back into our solitude

Where I fall into joy, flowing above the spirals of stardust, the neverending ones you have sprinkled with your fingers when you built the world in the middle of the sea

Where I fall asleep on the music of the silver whales taking our story deep into the oceans of the galaxies not known to men,

It is all life, it is all creation, it is all but one word that births the others, When you bring me to life on a storm that the eye has never seen, outside the thin waters,

Where you heal me and seal me into the cosmos I always return to with the same joy I felt when I opened my wings

And was reborn into my seventh life of a scream of poetry on your red wrist,

The lines of the first spark of life

In one word.



About Abel

About Abel

There are seven spirals leading to the mountain overseeing the ancient untraveled road on the other side of our island.

You took me there on a deserted Sunday morning, while our steps hummed the hymn of wilderness under our pens.

The heavy bells of the white churches sent their echoes to us on the wings of the old seagulls who flew above us in complicity.

When we reached the peak where the road turned into purple sand under our feet,

You said that there was one more story I needed to hear before walking to the forbidden hidden city built on the cliffs whose keys to its gates you had kept buried deep under the cellar of our white house.

The sand stuck to my skin as I laid in silence and listened to your words, they formed the feathers of a fallen angel on my back and we got a little bit older as we cried and laughed and learned with the end, as you always did.

After you kissed me, one kiss for each of my years, you pushed the clouds aside and showed me the sights of the thousands of years and kings who had come before us and left their treasures on the altars of the city whose gates could only be opened with the truth.

We walked on those fragile steps and stood above the sky drowning into the blue waters,

You took out a secret map and showed me the way not known to those who walked the spirals without purpose, without searching for meaning, for words, those who walked their days without a desperate love for freedom,

Like we always did.

We sat above the waves and shapes And waited for the night to cover us before taking the long road into the stars.

We reaches the fortress and you showed me the altar you had built for me, on those late nights you walked in the mountain by yourself and I waited for you with the cold warm breeze of my solitude.

You asked me to put a stone up for each of my loves.

Time descended on my shoulders as I went back into my journeys and happiness and sorrows next to the altar facing the eternal sunrise.

We sat with the Moon and talked in short stories like short prayers, one for each stone,

A smile and a tear for each,

The ones who were gone, the ones who had stayed and the ones who had brought me there on the highest peak of the oldest mountain of Atlantis, over the bluest of waters and our roof,

Into your arms which, when we started walking back, as the sun was rising,

Turned me around and bathed me in the heat of the whispers of my loves and stories who had built me.

I looked at them and held you close

The last of my stones of my new life,

And I cried and laughed and learned with this end, as I always did.

“All of them were lord”


About the Calling

About the Calling

I woke up before the Sun and followed the calling of the waters,

I lingered and let my hands shake with the songs of the dolphins,

I dived deep into the waves for words,

I held my breath for hours and gathered them like pearls,

My precious obsessions.

When I came back to myself

I walked the shore line slowly, up into our mountains,

I approached the white house with its majestic white walls prolonging the cliffs born out of the ever black sands and

I saw you,

My lost poet, diving into your waves.


Eternally young into your old age, as your hands, as the ancient walls enclosing you, as the shores of the Atlantis calling back its God Kings, as the love of our freedom fortress,


My undiscovered poem,

Sitting in the middle of the smallest of rooms, where you sometimes make me lay naked and just look at all my lines saying your name only,

But you hear more and beyond that,


My forever verse running through my blood without an end,


Surrounded by your books, never touching, but burning everything with your quiet, calm, all knowing eyes,



The healer of these cliffs and rocks and seagulls,

In front of the sea of words flying out through the window from under your fingers,

As mine flew from under mine,


With the same hands that touched my hair and my lips, reaching for your pen,

The same that gave birth to me on your pages,

And you on mine,


My unfinished story for which I keep on seeking, keep on searching for my truest of me, keep on coming back to every summer,


Sitting in a serene storm above me, hearing my steps walking your song,

While I watched you in despair,

Then and now,

Knwoing that your story is there under your lashes just as you believe mine is,

I hear it crawling down on the sunburn walls towards me,

And mine climbing up, reaching towards you,

The unspoken lines come and come to life inside of me,

To take me to you and

Sit me in front of your hands so that you can see clearly

The story that, unlike me, you always find its end,

You always know and finish it,

Sometimes on your pages

Sometimes on my skin,

You know what word comes next,

Even after I scream your name,


You always know and write its calling.


About Our Journeys

I had dreamt about you in all my dreams taking me back to the shores of the black sand

Where you had your home and knew what that meant…

You took me

Through all the tall rooms whose heavy walls were filled with art

Dreams, wings, colors, words, skins,

Touches, galaxies, whispers, ideas, truths,

And when you asked me which one I would pick to spend my eternity in

I found myself picking yours under your all knowing eyes and young smile

Because we both fell inlove with the same blue contours,

The same forevers,

Same skies,



It was only after my choice that you told me your real name and took me to the desert under the clear, never falling stars

One more of your many journeys to teach me about the only feeling that has ever defeated me,


And all the steps you took to get to me, all the touches you patiently placed on my skin to get inside of me have always stood above all the words you spoke to get into what you treasured the most,

My mind,

And so with you, I have slowly learned,

And changed the way the worlds were spinning until the moment we’ve tied the galaxies together into the knot of the most beautiful story ever written,

And now I know too,

Home is everywhere under the Sun now,

And under your hands.



About the Afterlife

About the Afterlife

The morning life came back to words

And I let the snow from my lashes melt away the tears,

The old and forever young Sun embraced me in the peace of our never forgotten eternity,

And sang the song of Gods as time rushed back into meaning to heal my freezing wounds.

It was only after I had found my purpose and set myself free on the wings of my love,

That I became a true lover of the world, loving you even more than I did in the stories of our beforelife,

During the summers of freedom and poems on the waves.

Now that you became the haven from where my ship could always sail free and return to,

I can sing you again, the kind king of my life, with the same truth and despair that I had always needed

To dive and see clearly in the storms of my pages.