About Goodbyes

About Goodbyes

His hand is stretched to me and

Into me,

People move their steps in a deaf rush around us on the streets growing towards the world’s oldest sky,

I run through their veins in aloneness, strangers’ perfection when night sets on the edges of the light he has brought for me,

It rains in skylines of solitude under our touch, all lost, wet and eternal, the offerings on his altar,

Words of lives apart,  awareness and days in the sun, the offerings on mine,


then and there, for the times that had passed and none

For the ones to come.



About the Lines of my Pages

About the Lines of my Pages

I breathe him in on the edge of thin air

His shoulders arch in the proud symmetry of gods

breaking the world’s noise into creation

His skies turn silent with storms

As that thrilling melody runs throught the universe

Through his veins and

Into mine…

There’s space between our hands now

Because our eyes are opened into the force that births us endlessly

And gives meaning to time.



About Fires

I laid breathlessly into blue sun storms,

Smoke rose from our skin in the darkness of the Universe,

You pulled my hair back, tighten your hand around my neck

And descended above me in light like the God that you are.



About Summers

About Summers

We walked together you and me on the streets of where I first got lost 

And, after all this time in which the waters have parted into us, I saw you clearly, as in the dream of a dream of black and white horses running freely on the Nordic shores.

Winter had finally come, deserted and cold, but you smiled and broke the heaviness of my memories.

I looked around and saw the tiniest white bird between the icy snow, it was injured  when it found its way between my palms and you said you could heal it,

As you always say…

I let go of your hand because I could hear it sing, I could, 

And when I touched it with my cheek, it was my greatest of loves,

It was her, and, from the dream of a dream, you, had brought her to me.






I dreamt I dived into the darkest oceans and heard the whales cry,

I flew over the tallest peaks and saw the stones crumble,

I dreamt I was more light than the dream of dreams and it still weigh me down onto her street, at her door,

on my knees, with my head on her chest…

In her words.

“I wish I could take the pain away…”

And that was peace.


About Retrieval

About Retrieval


As we’ve been

Inside of each other

On a deserted street under our waters,

I came back, in your words,

Unborn and untouched,

On the pages of your second unfinished journal.

I stirred the sun into orange waves with a pale

Numb hand


You grabbed my wrist,

The unfinished thoughts of you

In a memory of Vincent’s desperate dream

Of the years of a life

At the same window,

So I’d know how to find the way

With a star in my





About Revival

About Revival

At the end of a hopeless dark road

I entered the quiet place between his ancient walls. All my fears screamed on the tips of my hair but stayed behind… the memory of a time of peace embraced me with its serenity.

His hands were sculpting stone into endless jewelry.

I stood in the flowing of a timeless time and forgot the shape of my words as my eyes caressed his long hair, his skin, his eyes the color of the universe that rose up to me.

I forgot to breathe as colors faded into the only picture of heaven my story teller had told me about, a suspended place where souls without a shape recognized eachother.

I dived into his peace as if I was swimming with dolphins in the oceans of the world again.

He stretched his hand and put it around my neck. He said that it was not water that I was searching for. He said it was fire.

His fingers moved lightly on my skin and through my careless hair,

He said I had wings and that there had been a time when I didn’t fear heights and the depths that people feared had been my freedom. He said that within that I had had my peace.

I felt his heat as he put a story around my neck and told me to fly.

I walked back into that flowing, back into the dark road and my words, colors, my breath, they all returned to me and a big fire was burning lighting up the way.

In it, I heard my fears moaning in a voice I could no longer recognize.